31 Aug

Eli’sAdorable ❤️

And you, my darlingTake my breathe away.My all cries out for you,Come, Sugar,Give me an unquenchable thirst of your love.Heart,Let me Love on you. The moon will shine on us.As candles in the dark,Touch my light.Let me eat on the taste of your love.To you Eli, do I give my balm of love, A sweet
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10 Jun

Whisper underneath my breathe😻

Set fire through the rain I’m whispering underneath my breathe Be my soul Come Dance with me in the dark Hold my heart Listen to my favorite song Caress me with your love Touch my emotions; With a heart to heart talk Engage your mind with my soul Be with me tonight Come build your
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23 Dec

Who do you say you are

I’m particularly very fond of this picture.It reminds me of the pride I’ve left behind;The self I’ve put aside;The pieces I’ve brought together;The valuable friendships I’ve picked up;I look back, seeing the wounds I’ve left behind;Those I’ve healed from, still healing and yet to be healed;A tainted character i had;An over reactive behaviour; Hurt by
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12 Dec

In times of Grief

In the making of a Man/Woman of God, his/her victory illuminates from the scars, sacrifices and wounds he/she hassurvived. Personally, I have always had an issue with“public display of grief” when it comes to the loss of a loved one. I will choose to either not talk about it, trying hard to get over how
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29 Nov

Jesus I don’t love you

Father i don’t love you I pretend to love you when i don’t I put on sheep’s clothing but I’m a wolf A nicely decorated wolf In my actions i abuse your love In my speech i hurt you In my closet i don’t control my flesh In my anger i grieve you In times
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11 Nov

The soul of my heart

I… take you… As my memorial of pride To love and honour you I commit my love to you With a pure honest heart To be your cup of joy at all times I vow to do you good and nothing but good I open up my secret place unto you To stay with you
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