My Little Lady

So I asked! What’s your caliber?

She answered,

I want the richest guy.

I want a man who’s tall

I want a man who can make me happy

I want a man who will make me smile .

I want a family guy.

I want my husband to be handsome.

I want a popular man.

I want a relationship with peace

I want the best man.

I want the happy endings.

I want a decent man.

I want him not you.

I want a very caring man.

Excellent! It’s a good thing you aren’t scoping so low.

But take a look at this right here

I want I want I want.

Little Lady aren’t you tired of wanting?

In the process of making your long list you totally lose track of who you are and who you are meant to be.

Why not mould yourself into all the things you want ?

Instead of chasing your wants.

Men are moved by what they see

Eventually when you become all of your wants;

The richest woman

The most caring woman

The woman who can make herself happy

The woman who can put her own smile on her face,

The Beautiful inside out Lady,

With imperfections but still the best Woman.

The Virtuous Woman who can balance her priorities and be the best.

The Peaceful Woman

They will see you.

You will find the man.

Then after!

You can want all you want.

Jaebee ❤

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