Menu or Special Order?

16 Apr

Menu or Special Order?

I had an encounter.

I would say we were in a fix

One super weird waiter I met:

“What would you like, menu or special order”?

Can I just have the menu please

“How about a special order, it’s free”

If it’s free, then it’s not worth buying.

“You don’t want to miss this”

Who are you?

“I’m here to serve”

You are here to serve, exactly so can I have the menu please.

“I would recommend a special order for you”

I don’t know who you are but can you just give me what I want?

” You want many things all of which you don’t necessarily need.”

Ermm Excuse me?

“You’ve had too much burgers”

I thought here was all about what I wanted, plus this is my first time here.

“It is, but I would like to give you a special order of which you would cherish forever”

Now this was beginning to irritate me, you can imagine going to a restaurant and having this encounter. I mean! We went on and on :

Okay So what’s this special order

“Fish, with some sliced piece of onions and a bit of some fruits at the sides”

What on earth is that?

“You would love it”

Can I just have diet coke please

“There have no beverages, all I serve is water”

Aren’t you suppose to be serving what people want here?

“Funny enough most people don’t exactly want what they need”

What are you doing here then?

“I am here to serve”

Okay So how do I get this special order

“All you have to do is to ask me”

Ask? But you just recommended it, do I have to ask again?

“Well just ask”


“My name is Jesus”

Jesus working in a restaurant? Give me a break, aren’t you suppose to be in heaven?

“I’m everywhere, give me the chance and have a taste of this special order I have for you”

Quietly I was frightened. Could he really be ‘Jesus Jesus’ or a demon possessed human? I was now torn between a beef burger on the menu and a special order from this waiter named Jesus.

We continued:

Okay Jesus or whatever your name is, what’s all about this special order you have for me

” Sweetheart could you please allow me to offer you what you truly need. It is free of charge, a bite would change your life forever. Have a taste of the food of life. That guy you’ve been dreaming about, that job, that school, that marriage you want ahead of you all begins with this special order you will have today. All I need you to do is to believe”

And That was the beginning of my life, it’s been a year now, after taking a bite of this special order. Initially it tasted extremely bitter but at the end of the meal, I enjoyed it. My life has been full of greater Grace ever since that encounter.

Come with me, choose this special order and let’s rally through the street of Gold.

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I'm Jessie Naa Adoley Buckman. I love poems and everything about literature. I appreciate words and literary terms. I hope you love my writings. 😊

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