They said “I hate my Father!!!” …..

6 Nov

They said “I hate my Father!!!” …..

Father mend and heal every heart that’s hurting from fatherwound. Take away bitterness from the hearts that have been hurt by their fathers. In Jesus name Amen

My father isn’t too ‘religious’ neither is he ‘spiritual’ (as we term it). He’s very different when it comes to Christian beliefs and practices. His view of ministry, working for the LORD, pastors and servants of the Gospel is virtually opposite to mine. In actual fact I’m pursuing a call He usually opposes because of his personal unpleasant experiences with some men of God.
I believe most of us can relate with that nature of our fathers. However, the fact that they don’t act religious doesn’t mean their voice isn’t needed in our journey of life. There’s The Voice of God hidden in their harsh nature. Until we honour and respect them we won’t hear that voice. If we could give them that honour and respect just as we give our pastors and servants of God, our relationship with them would be much better.

Father teach us how to honour and respect our biological fathers despite their shortcomings. Heal fatherwounds LORD we pray in Jesus name Amen

I use to harbour a lot of bitterness for my father. I blamed him for all my problems and issues. Truly, It looked like he was the cause of it all. I thought i had every right to be angry with him. His actions affected every part of my life and i got so distant from him. I always use to find faults with him. Until the LORD began ministering to me that whatever he had done wrong is an issue between he and God not me. And that i should take myself out of the equation. As i tried to step out of their business i realised i began to heal. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to forgive them.

LORD help us to forgive our Fathers. Empty our hearts of every hurt and bitterness we have against our fathers. In Jesus name Amen.


Ma Famille 

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