Healing Fatherwound.

7 Nov

Healing Fatherwound.

Me: LORD whats keeping my father alive although i don’t see him praying nor fellowship with You.

LORD: He has a broken genuineness of heart and a contrite spirit which attracts my help and mercy upon.

I remember in primary school, my father use to anoint my forehead with oil every morning before i school (my forehead was always shining every morning). I never saw the relevance of this until now. Many times it seems fathers aren’t part of our upbringing but if we are to look at it carefully, they have sown many seeds which are bearing fruits in us today. He laying his hands on my head every morning with the oil which by then i never knew what it meant, has now produced a vessel working for the LORD. Fatherwound can heal. Think on the little “unseen” seeds that they have sown.

Holy Spirit: Call and check up on your father today. He’s probably feeling guilty about many of the things he’s done wrong.😑


Lynette Barnes Dabban:  Lord teach us to see our fathers through your eyes. Help us see them for who they truly are and not based on the hurt they may have caused us.

In Jesus name Amen.

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