The soul of my heart

11 Nov

The soul of my heart

I… take you…
As my memorial of pride
To love and honour you
I commit my love to you
With a pure honest heart
To be your cup of joy at all times
I vow to do you good and nothing but good
I open up my secret place unto you
To stay with you all the days of my life
To be committed to every detail of your life
I come before you just the way i am
For better for best
In life and in good health
I choose you on the walls of my heart
To be your right arm
To protect your mind, heart, soul, spirit and body
I promise to comfort you
To make myself a covering over you
To cloth you with my strength and honour
To be your peaceful countenance
To gird my loins with strength for you
To hold you right by my side all the days of my life
To be your favourite inconvenience
I will lay my hands on your broken pieces
To be the cool breeze that blows over you
I promise to loose my fame for your pleasure

To draw you to myself
To take pride in you
To bring my talent before you
I promise to lay down my desires after yours
To mind your business
To be your detailed treasure
I vow to be your Healing Your safest security
My heart will trust in you, to have no need of spoil
As i put this ring on your finger,

i make you my lawful husband, the salt in my sweetness, honey in bitterness and King over me
Till Christ do us part.

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ByPrayer Queens

I'm Jessie Naa Adoley Buckman. I love poems and everything about literature. I appreciate words and literary terms. I hope you love my writings. 😊


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