Welcome to my sexual purity journey

6 Dec

Welcome to my sexual purity journey

Some of the topics we will be discussing include:

❤ Sexual desire is not a sin.

💗 Being truthful and honest about our sexual desires with God.

❤ Sexual desires and our walk with Jesus.

💗 Sexual Urges and our growth.

❤ Sexual desires and The Holy Spirit.

💗 Purity in our Sexual Desires.

❤ Self Control and sexual desires.

💗Questions & Answers

As we go through the sexual purity series. Let’s open up our spirits, be honest with ourselves and have a genuinely broken heart as The Holy Spirit teaches us.

You will be blessed❤

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I'm Jessie Naa Adoley Buckman. I love poems and everything about literature. I appreciate words and literary terms. I hope you love my writings. 😊

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