In times of Grief

12 Dec

In times of Grief

In the making of a Man/Woman of God, his/her victory illuminates from the scars, sacrifices and wounds he/she hassurvived.

Personally, I have always had an issue with“public display of grief” when it comes to the loss of a loved one. I will choose to either not talk about it, trying hard to get over how sad i will be feeling and later go to some corner and wipe my tears.

Well, 6 years along the line, I’ve come to realise that the strength in grief is hidden in your ability to talk about it and confronting the sorrow that comes along with the loss of a loved one.

December is one of the months I’m not too excited about. If i could do something about it, i will hurriedly and gladly take out December and bring January right after November.

In times of grief, If tears will help, let it out, if talking about the pain will help, talk about it with a companion, if going to put flowers on their graveyard will help please do so. You see, What we refuse to understand is that everyone deals with grief differently.

I have come to realise that the loss of a family member or someone very dear to your heart gives you a peculiar love for people alike. This is what i mean; The lose of a brother, leaving behind an 18 months old daughter and a wife has given me this special love for newly married couples with their new born babies. No one tells me to pray for them, no one tells me to stand in the gap for them, no one tells me to cry at midnight on their behalf. Like, it just happens. It just gushes out of my heart and spirit so loud. I can literally pass by a young man and instantly feel their deepest heart cry and their needs. I have once passed by a young man and i had to stop somewhere and wipe tears from my eyes as i was filled with so much compassion for him. The loss of a brother has given me a genuine love for brothers and young men. Someway, somehow, I have come to love interceding for marriages of young men and women. It literally consumes my heart.

Lets identify the strength in our loss.

Also, It has made me cherish my friendship with brothers. I don’t take them for granted and i can’t. I know i frustrate them sometimes  but the loss of a brother has made me value all the brother figures in my life.

Let us not allow the enemy deceive us,
Beneath the loss of a mother is a renewed love for mother figures.
Beneath the loss of a father is a refreshed love for father figures.
Beneath the loss of a friend is a rekindled love for friendships Beneath the loss of a sister is a cherished love for sister figures.

You see, what you make out of the loss of a loved one really matters. Better still let me put it this way; what you allow the Spirit of God to grow out of you after your loss is very important.

I can’t imagine how terrible it must feel to loss a mother, but the loss of a mother, i know, grows a peculiar love and compassion in you, towards mothersAllow that compassion to fill your heart.

The loss of a child in the long run gives you a genuine heartbeat for other children.

Okay, so this is what i do when thoughts of the loss of a loved one comes to mind:

Whenever thoughts of that person comes to mind remember them with huge smiles on their faces, cheering you on, pushing you forward, being sooooooo proud of you, encouraging you to stand firm, holding you to put yourself together, congratulating you on how far you’ve come, strengthening you to hold the family.(I do that a lot and it helps).

It’s my prayer that after all the tears, the grief, the pain, the sleepless nights, the cry, the depression, the moment of silence, the uncertainties, the hatred and all the ‘why God why’ after all these, we will avail ourselves for the Divine Comforter, The Holy Spirit to comfort us and help us channel our grief into love and compassion. In Jesus name Amen.

In loving memory of Ishmael Kofi Adu-Twum whose sudden death occurred on 12-12-12. Halleluyah! We have won thevictory

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