Who do you say you are

23 Dec

Who do you say you are

I’m particularly very fond of this picture.
It reminds me of the pride I’ve left behind;
The self I’ve put aside;
The pieces I’ve brought together;
The valuable friendships I’ve picked up;
I look back, seeing the wounds I’ve left behind;
Those I’ve healed from, still healing and yet to be healed;
A tainted character i had;
An over reactive behaviour; Hurt by everything and everyone;
I was so full of “I”.
This babyface has been a lot of trouble;
I am so proud of availing myself to be pruned and purged.
I’ve been completely rid off self.
Not ashamed of picking up my pieces and broken parts
Not embarrassed of being corrected and rebuked.
Acknowledging my weaknesses, being vulnerable to learn from my mistakes.
Leaving behind a girl who emotionally responded to everything, to a matured version of me. 
The truth is, I’m tooo proud of who I’ve become at the end of 2018.
A genuine broken me.
I’m so glad that I allowed Jesus to teach me the real life of humility.

As the year ends, i pray that we will be honest with ourselves, ready to accept our weaknesses, open up our souls, reflect on the state of our hearts, and renew our minds for the upcoming year. Break up yourself for God to mould you into perfection. Until you see an improvement in your character and behaviour, don’t stop availing yourself to be worked on by The Holy Spirit.
From 2019, make a conscious effort to build a relationship with The Holy Spirit. He will teach you how to talk, how to respond, how to strengthen your weaknesses and how to handle situations. He alone can refine you.

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ByPrayer Queens

I'm Jessie Naa Adoley Buckman. I love poems and everything about literature. I appreciate words and literary terms. I hope you love my writings. 😊

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