Author: Prayer Queens

I'm Jessie Naa Adoley Buckman. I love poems and everything about literature. I appreciate words and literary terms. I hope you love my writings. 😊
7 Nov

Healing Fatherwound.

Me: LORD whats keeping my father alive although i don’t see him praying nor fellowship with You. LORD: He has a broken genuineness of heart and a contrite spirit which attracts my help and mercy upon. I remember in primary school, my father use to anoint my forehead with oil every morning before i school (my
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6 Nov

The Fragrance of Loneliness

I was spending some quiet time at church this afternoon, And a man was on the altar praying, He had a picture of a friend with him, He was praying for this friend. Then! I watched what was going on This man naturally is a loner He doesn’t seem to have a lot friends, an
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6 Nov

They said “I hate my Father!!!” …..

Father mend and heal every heart that’s hurting from fatherwound. Take away bitterness from the hearts that have been hurt by their fathers. In Jesus name Amen My father isn’t too ‘religious’ neither is he ‘spiritual’ (as we term it). He’s very different when it comes to Christian beliefs and practices. His view of ministry,
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3 Nov

Dear Future Husband…..😍

I miss you Have we met yet? Can we meet already? It’s been years of waiting Waiting on you Waiting on purpose Purpose has been established now What are you waiting for? Kindly Step forward Who are you? Are you the one i was told i will meet? You’re very different from what i was
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28 Aug

RophiEl 😻

I’m in a battle It’s been buried so long I’m marrying someone without the covenant I married others Many many others Walking around for a piece of pleasure Emotional physical and sexual engagement Robbing my heart deposit O How many times I let God say “I do” and I didn’t I satisfy the flesh in
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