Category: Genuine Brokenness

2 Feb

Early love

I will be right here waiting you Everyday I will remind you how much you mean to me Behold my love Created in my likeness A replica of my image The apple of my eye There is no spot in thee My covenant of love with you is for eternity For lo the winter is
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1 Feb

Silent scream

Search my heart LORD Take away pride, Search my heart LORD, Make straight my way; With the strength to live in your Grace; Search my heart LORD, Give me the heart to sustain intimacy with your Spirit; I ask for the courage to walk in your will; Break me into broken pieces; Search my soul,
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6 Feb


It’s called transition The period of breaking and mending The moment where you are being broken Moulding takes place God is shaping the true image of who you are You feel troubled and burdened It’s a purging phase A lonely period Friends will leave Usual norms will turn into strange This moment, God wants all
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19 Jan


The journey of a son of God isn’t always smooth. You will find rough patches along the way. The will of God is usually what we least expect; yet, God’s got us. When it seems like God is quiet, It’s the wilderness experience. God needs to refine and mould you into the best version of
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